eat sweet

Designed to celebrate the wonders of sweets. Crafted with the finest stone clay Amakusa (Kumamoto Prefecture) to produce pure white porcelain wares with a 30% weight reduction compared to conventional wares. Shapes are inspired by Japanese tableware for artful mixing. 2017 iF Design Award.

Product Concept & Design Produce
Reiko Okamoto
Sayaka Goto
Manufacturer BI Design
photography © Katsuhiko Kobayashi

eat sweet showroom

eatsweet001s.jpg eatsweet002s.jpg eatsweet003s.jpg eatsweet004s.jpg eatsweet005s.jpg eatsweet006s.jpg eatsweet007s.jpg eatsweet008s.jpg eatsweet009s.jpg eatsweet010s.jpg eatsweet011s.jpg eatsweet012s.jpg
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