A new take on Japanese dining, the menu concept focuses on a daily selection of 12 precious, bite-size appetizers made with seasonal ingredients. Any combination of dishes can be selected to work as appetizers or a light meal. The rest of the menu is a sophisticated twist on the izakaya style of informal eating and all dishes are for sharing – charcoal grilled free-range chicken, prime Japanese beef and seasonal vegetables; organic produce salads; and a selection of Moroccan-inspired tagine dishes. All tableware was designed to suit each recipe. All lighting is from the hizuki and vessels of light collections.

Concept Development + Implementation
Marcia Iwatate
Tableware Design
Reiko Okamoto
Graphic Design
photography © Katsuhiko Kobayashi

mussels steamed in white wine
green asparagus rolled with prime Iga beef carpaccio
raw tuna terrine with spicy Korean sauce

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