Shinsegae Department Store Main Branch 11F, Seoul

Keeping in tune with the original concept “Fast Slow Foods”, the second venue with 185-seats serves outspoken yet unpretentious quick meals for shoppers. Locally sourced produce handled with skill and respect, cooked with an array of herbs, exotic spices and a good dash of piquancy. Vibrant colors, intense flavors and an urban mix of Korean favorites–rare regional gems and housemade tofu–, housemade soba noodles and sushi, burgers, pasta, nostalgic Japanese-style western dishes, South Indian curries & dosa, popular Chinese dishes with a new twist, fresh pressed juices and soju fruit cocktails.

Concept Development + Implementation
Marcia Iwatate
Reiko Okamoto
Kitchen Design BI Design
photography ©
Refined Visual Min Kyu Kim

Philly Cheese Bulgogi Dog

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